Trybe.  An inspired, customized approach to fitness, connecting mind and body, connecting people, and focused on helping you reach your optimum health and well being. Providing a welcoming, intimate setting and the friendship and support you need to make lasting changes, Trybe elevates your fitness, elevates your health, and elevates your spirit, empowering you to reach your individual goals and beyond.

Personalized Instruction

You are unique. That’s why we offer individualized fitness consultation customized to your specific needs and goals. Feel leaner, be stronger, increase your energy. Trybe will empower you to make lasting changes in your health and fitness , and open the door to your potential.

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What People Are Saying

“I took my very 1st ZEN BARRE class last night with Michelle. Michelle put so much detail, patience, & sincerity into this incredibly well-taught class. I am sore all over, I AM HOOKED, & I can’t wait to go back (words of a ‘gym drop out’. Michelle, I am so proud of you & your dedication to helping others.” – Carrie Durkin

“Just took my first yoga class and really loved it. Michelle is so down to earth and helpful. She made me feel confident, even though I didn’t going in. Very welcoming. The Giving Tree Wellness Space is gorgeous, beautifully furnished and decorated. The studio is spacious, pristine and air conditioned. You won’t be disappointed! Can’t wait to go back!” – Cheryl Luvender Gilpin

“Took my first class at Michelle’s studio which was yoga this morning. She’s down to earth & is very knowledgeable about fitness and healthy living. I haven’t practiced in months but with Michelle she guided me right back into the poses and it was challenging. Really enjoyed it & can’t wait to go back!” – Crystal Gentile

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Trybe is located in The Giving Tree Wellness Center at 311 Penn Avenue, Scranton.


We offer morning, afternoon and evening classes to accommodate your busy schedule.